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Sunday, September 25, 2011

sewing canvas

I like to wear an old brixton sweatshirt when im working. it keeps the uv from the tig off my arms and its black so the rays cant bounce off it and into my mask. i had it catch on fire last time i was in cardiff and burnt a big hole in the pocket. so i threw some canvas over the pocket and stiched it up. it should be able to handle some sparks being thrown at it now.

i also sewed up a little belt bag to hold my fishing tackle snus tin and one jar of powerbait or salmon  eggs. its got a little leather tab and of course one of my bone scrimshaw buttons. this buttons got a little barrel on it. if this bag had a place to hold pliers or a little leatherman it would be the perfect riverfishing bag. im just barely good enough at sewing to pull this off. i would really like to see an Edison version.