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Thursday, September 01, 2011

stenciled fender mount on a bike i wouldnt ride

first of all let me say that i didnt have anything to do with this bike except for mounting a fender. the hard tail and axleplates were terrifing to look at let alone ride. its pretty much a prefect example of how not to hard tail a motorcycle. when i was younger i would do welds like this on my 3 and a half horse power briggs minibikes and learned the hard way how important clean metal and good welds are. it trips me out that people dont realise how important strong welds and structural integrity is aspecially on a bike thats capable of hauling ass! davey had to break it to the guy that the present condition of his frame will try to kill him. the fender is on there pretty good though. i just made some struts and some simple strap mounts. this bike would look great in someones storefront. someone did a great job with the paint job. even the flies like it. oh and dont judge me on the long bolts. they are getting swapped out.