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Saturday, October 15, 2011

old injury list

About me:
BAD LEFT KNEE from tearing something in it at forests dance party I blame it on the smoke machine and the 13 beers it was probably great watching me cry about how i tore my acl, PULLED BACK MUSCLE at work the other day some other weird pain by my spine too, CRACKED RIB on left side right in front of heart it bumps out a little bit got drunk and fell down supposedly but i still think drunk mikey beat me up while i was passed out.(its healed now but i have a feeling that some day that extra scar tissue over my heart is going to come in handy). SCAR ON RIGHT EYEBROW N SCAR TISSUE LUMP IN LIP n EYEBROW from drunken flying squirrel jump onto a bed n connecting with the wood n steel footboard at jakes condo in mammoth. my cold is gone too! I credit the vodka shots with dayquil chasers.i got STUNG BY A BEE on my left jaw the other day. i took it like a champ. n i flopped out in the driveway doing slappies n got a booboo on my elbow. my bad knee has really been bugging me lately. its probably from the fixed gear iv been riding so much lately. hey the new boardtracker has a rigid seat cause i was in a hurry n now my backs really bad. my lower spine has a lump over it.( its not my ass) n its not good. got a good knee scrape trying to drift around the corner onto my street. some champ did a hit n run on my brothers truck n i was going home to talk with the sheriff. i was drinking with myself at martiniranch and the saloon n i ended up fishtailing the bike down the 101 n i slid along the pavement with the bike on top of me. thanks to the guy that pulled over n asked if i was all right. inside of my right leg now has a 8 inch scar from getting really drunk n dragging it on the top of a fence i was trying to jump. i was falling and as my pants were ripping it was setting me gently onto the ground. right side of my back is wrenched from holding the tow rope in one hand and the camera in the other while trying to safely 4 wheel slide around a rv and down ryans hill with out getting crushed in 101 traffic or getting whipped into a truck behind the boardtracker bike. i just scraped my shoulder really bad trying to get under my partially opened garage door with an armful of clothes. killer. my eyes are all bloodshot from all the soot that i had in my eyes last night. beckers hottub is rad too bad for the drama. my knees are killing me cause i got a flat on the fixed gear. so iv been riding the boardtracker n all the crouching down sucks. we rode 4 deep to carlsbad n back n that didn't help any. i was at work n i was tying up 6000 feet of half inch and as i was pulling on the rope to cinch it down the rope snapped and i threw myself full force accrost the lot and on to the ground.another work relatd injury just happened. i just pulled my lower right back again. this time just lifting n twisting loading up the truck with 400 feet of 4 inch sdr. shitty. im gunna be having fun moving in now. the backs better but today during work i went home and packed up a big box of books and as i was carring it down my stairs outside my foot slipped n i rolled my ankle n dropped the box on myself n fell down the few stairs left.the sclice on my hand from fake wood at my work is allmost healed but is leaving a nice scar. i dunno but right now i have this lump under my jaw and inside my mouth and up to my right ear that feels like pain. its an infection in my head and it sucks. i dont know what it is it just hurts. i feel like stabbing my self with a needle n letting it drain out. lymph nodes.. shitty. my neck is sore and so are my sholders n foot from forrest kicking my ass wrestling the other night. i ran out of air. that lymphnode neck thing turned out to be that i had a stone in my salivary glands that was clogging it up. i made a pearl. i was goofing aroun on my little brothers skateboard in his room and managed to end up falling on a wooden footrest n gave myself the king of all deadlegs and the bruise is huge. it looks like a rib eye steak. drunk on friday night bombing down birmingham on the no brakes freewheel death bike made it to the bottom fine and decided to lay into a u turn n slid out and monaged to only get a burn/scrape on the knee and a little hole in the hand. the german fatigues shirt and redcap pants werent even bicep bruises are back. two quarter-sised bruises on the front of both arms. ai think its from lifting pipe up onto my shoulder.skated pala the other night. slammed twice. both knees and my left ankle arn't too happy.skated strawberry pool all jittery and was fine but a few days later im playing in lake tahoe with danny rein throwing him into backflips and end up pulling my lower back all out. yes icy hot patches and massages from nicole for a while.went surfing out at grandview n ended up slamming against the bottom with my good knee. not so good anymore. felt like i slammed skating. had to ice it just to get to sleep.fucked up the back again at work. almost healed when i was in tahoe . my finger hurts. im a crybaby now , i was cuttins some spring steel for a tattoo machine and it rolled up and my thumb sank over the sharp corner. i was holding it against my leg hoping it wouldent be cut but it was deep and bled a lot. hurts too.. got a bruised knee. from slamming in a pool with square brick coping no bloodshed though. cleaned out and skated pool for one hour. pool was demo'd the next day. had a 3 foot section where the bricks were knocked out so i got one tile grind in and paid for it with all my other attempts that didnt go so well. drunk at the little park after the bar with everyone. dash kickflips in the pitch black dark. frontside grinds no problem carving around in the dark. get home n eat shit in front of the house. sprained wrist. bike prom skid with brace on fishtailed n caught pant leg on wheel. endo. fractured wrist and sprain on other one. birthday wallrides everyone slams. me too. on right wrist. 4th xray its still a sprain. learning leg over skids last night i stabbed my knee with the shifter mounts on drews bike that he needs to grind off. got a nice bruise n some swelling. wrists hurt too. and my ankles. bikes are stung by a bee im my work truck the other day. it hurt. the bee lived i think it was africanised went to the noisettes show n was goofing around on the bike n rolled my ankle like a zig zag. singler was nice enough to drive nicole n i home n iv been on the couch since., can i have some money?.
rolled my ankle jumping a fence at the raveonettes show and landed on a parking block. sliced finger on barbed wire that night too. different fence. wrists have been hating me broken knuckle from hitting a fridge. slammed at the view pool after getting the light and dropping in on the loveseat. smashed my face saw the light flash and messed up the wrist. not sure if its bones or tendons. got a full arm cast n was cutting a seatpost lug, got some steel embedded in the eye and they had to dremel it out. fun. my wrists still hurt and i was walking home from surfing and stepped on a bee. got a full load of bee poison in the foot. a little venom is good for you but a swollen foot doesnt fit in a slip on easly. pulled a couple of muscles in my shoulder and neck lifting stuff at work. next day i lost my crown and core of my tooth. see dentist tomorrow. time to sell some stuff. just swung a nice neutral flame over the top of my right hand while i was adjusting a stem i was brazing. its my last month of health care too. both wrists hate filing and im having to wrap them at work. pain. hip hurts walking around in sarjah. knee got wierd too. got carpel tunnel /tendenitus digging ditches and throwing plywood. sunk an exacto plate above the web in my hand cutting baleen in santa cruz. high centered on a submerged rock at the point at k55 and pinned my hand n sliced it up. bled in the water for 3 or so hours cause the waves were so good.iv been doing pretty good except from skinned knuckles and the ooccasional burn but yesterday i was at bijou park and the squared bowl was really slippery and i ended up slipping out pumping around the corner and was upside down. little rasberry on the forearm and a bit sore on the hip. i had to lay there for a second. im really sore after rickeys birthday skate party. iv never done so many early grabs and my arms are tired from pulling myself into the air. also have some masonite burns and my hand feels wierd. slammed really hard snowskating of all things. bombed this little bank and somehow ended up diving into the 2 inch deep snow and shoulder checking /karate rolling the ground underneath it. got a little ankle love and layed out on a boulder that day too! im sore. went past a boundary rope and found some rocks. one found my tailbone. it hurt. had to lay there for a while. burnt my arm turning the propane hearer in the shed off. it didnt hurt and seemed minor. somehow it became a 2 inch scar.
I was cheating and cutting gates off my aluminum gas tanks with the tig torch and the gate was still hot when i was cleaning up and burnt my wrist pretty good. dislocated left elbow in the street first day back home from tahoe. ambulance ride to scripps with no insurance. didnt get to surf that trip. hiking back from fishing at cup lake I didnt lower myself down off some boulders correctly and ended up slightly rolling my ankle and bouncing off a couple smaller boulders. ended up with a few scrapes and i had to wrap the ankle to get the rest of the way back. stabbed myself in the finger deep with a dirty sharpened spoke taking bearing covers off. I had an errant piece of hot welding wire go through my glove and sink into my finger to what im pretty sure was bone. it broke off the weld and stayed lodged deep in the skin until i pulled it out. it was the most intensely concentrated pain iv felt in a while.
center punch to break glass and cut my right thumb knuckle really deep. had nicole and another emt wrap/splint it up. really worried i cut the tendon.