killing time. waiting to die.

shed life.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I remember one of the first cassetes i bought. it was the swing kids soundtrack. i had just gotten into swing dancing and my once shoulder blade long hair was now short. i paid 12 bucks for that cassette and played the hell out of it. it had value. my 12 dollars went to pay lous rent and the rent of his employees. now computers have taken that all away. allmost everything you do can be done as well or better by a computer. where did all that money go? its not a real thing its just something that swirls around our lives and we exchange it for food or lodging and trade our time for it. this is an age of weakness and entertainment and loss of self. the population grows but less of us are needed. the computer and its amazing time saving abilities are beggaring the human race and you should all enjoy the choice you have now to work with your hands and create something because it will be taken from you soon for fear that you might hurt yourself.